Strength Training Group Classes

Strength Training Group Classes in Andover

Our strength training group classes include full body strength circuits using weights and/or resistance bands. 

Our Andover strength training classes use our energizing methods to effectively burn calories, tone, and build the body. Our motivating and inspiring Coaches will leave you sweating, less worried, and feeling connected to a caring community. There is no requirement for prior experience.

Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training should be at the top of your list if there is one thing you could do to improve your health. It entails employing one or more muscular groups to carry out a certain action, such lifting a heavy object or squatting.

Strength training is now an essential component of the majority of fitness programs due to the rising body of research demonstrating its numerous advantages. You might be curious about how strength training can improve your life if you’ve ever considered it.

Increases Strength

You get stronger when you do strength training.

Gaining strength makes it far easier to carry out regular duties like chasing after your kids or lugging big shopping.

Furthermore, by maintaining lean muscle mass, it may even support endurance athletes by enhancing athletic performance in sports that call for speed, power, and strength.

Effectively Burns calories 

Your metabolism is increased by strength training in two different ways.

First off, gaining muscle speeds up your metabolism. You can burn more calories while at rest because muscles have a higher metabolic efficiency than fat mass.

Second, studies indicate that the metabolic benefits of strength training can last for up to 72 hours. This indicates that you continue to burn calories for hours or even days after your workout.

Decreases belly fat

An increased risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and several types of cancer, is linked to abdominal fat, particularly visceral fat.

Strength-training activities have been demonstrated to be effective in lowering body fat in general and in the abdomen in numerous studies.

Lowers your risk of injury

Your risk of injury may be lowered if you incorporate strength training into your exercise regimen.

Your muscles, ligaments, and tendons become stronger, more mobile, and have a wider range of motion as a result of strength training. This can strengthen the muscles surrounding your knees, hips, and ankles to give you more protection against injuries.

Strength training can also be used to treat muscle imbalances. For instance, if your core, hamstrings, and glutes are stronger, lifting will be easier and less likely to result in lower-back injuries.

Finally, strength training reduces the risk of injury in adult and adolescent athletes.

Improves heart health

Numerous studies have demonstrated that regular strength training can strengthen the heart and blood vessels, lower blood pressure, lower total and LDL (bad) cholesterol, and enhance blood circulation.

Additionally, strength exercise might assist you in controlling your blood sugar levels and preserving a healthy body weight. The risk of heart disease is significantly increased by high blood sugar levels.

Boosts your self-image

Your self-confidence might get a significant boost from strength training.

It aids in overcoming obstacles, pursuing a purpose, and appreciating the power of your body. In particular, it can boost your self-efficacy, which is a key component of confidence. Self-efficacy is the conviction that you can complete a task or achieve a goal.

In fact, a study of seven research involving young people aged 10 to 16 found a substantial correlation between strength training and high levels of self-worth, physical prowess, and self-worth.

Promotes a better quality of life

Your quality of life may improve with strength training, especially as you get older.

Strength training has been associated with improved health-related quality of life, which is referred to as a person’s perception of their physical and mental health.

Resistance training actually significantly correlates with improved mental health, physical functioning, pain management, overall health, and vitality, according to a study of 16 research including persons 50 years and older.

Strength training may also enhance the quality of life for those with arthritis. Strength training significantly increased scores in pain and physical functioning, according to a review of 32 studies.

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