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LOCOFIT Studio is a yoga studio in Andover that offers a variety of yoga classes. Our studio is primarily a fitness and cardio yoga studio that can add more to your existing yoga practice or create strong foundations for beginners. We believe breathing and moving together is one of the best ways to get the most out of your yoga practice. 

Power Yoga

Power Yoga

Join us for Power Yoga where this is a fast-paced style of yoga that’s focused on building strength and endurance. You will burn calories, sweat and have fun! Time will be provided in class to work on your inversions if you have any added into your practice (always optional).
Yoga For Athletes

Yoga For Athletes

Events will be added throughout the year. Check schedule for upcoming options. 
Yoga For Kids

Yoga For Kids

Events will be added throughout the year. Check schedule for upcoming options.
Yoga Classes Locofit Restorative Yoga

Candlelight Restorative Yoga

The stress of the day will immediately melt away when you enter the calming studio filled with candlelight. Aromatherapy can improve focus and health. Melt away anxiety with postures specifically chosen to release tension, increase strength, improve balance and enhance flexibility. You will be lead through a one hour series of support postures that gradually build into a slow, dynamic practice for all levels. The postures and practice will help encourage mindful attention and introspection. Class will end with silent reflection.
Vinyasa yoga

Yoga Flow – Vinyasa Yoga

This class links breath with movement and proper alignment. The sequences will help you build strength and flexibility during your yoga practice. Modifications are taught and all levels welcome. *mat required, please bring your own.


Moving With Intention

Every single one of our yoga classes begins with a specific intention that will help you work on yourself. Sometimes this means focusing on body awareness, other times, it’s about learning how to reframe your thoughts, and sometimes it’s merely about pausing to be in the moment. Yoga offers many benefits, including physical benefits like improving strength, balance, and flexibility, mental benefits like increased relaxation and decreased stress, and spiritual benefits like increased energy and improved mood.

Our community is an essential part of our yoga studio as we love connecting with one another before and after each class. We aim to help each and every member of our community grow into the person they genuinely desire to be. 

Come As You Are

We also pride ourselves on our humanism. We don’t expect perfection from any of our students because we are all on this journey together. Nobody comes to yoga because they’re already perfectly zenned out. We are here because we know how wonderful it is to work towards that inner calm. 

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