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Cycling Classes In Andover

Change is the only certainty in this dynamic day and age. Period.

If you want to always remain a step ahead and be successful in all walks of life, it’s about time you embrace Andover Cycling classes.

Want to experience electric energy, freedom, and balance in your life too?

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Cycling Class Transformation

Imagine entering into LOCOFIT Studio with the weight of the day, week, or year on your shoulders and emerging fit, fine, and focused.

Everyone takes the same class, but your experience is unique. The transition from turmoil to serenity is referred to as a mental shift.

So search for it the next time you’re on your cycle, and you’ll find your mental shift.

Making Cardio Fun in Cycling Classes

If you haven’t taking cycling classes at LOCOFIT Studio before, it may be difficult to imagine, so let us walk you through it.

Shoes tucked in, head bowed, palms clenched. Party light flashing, loud, encompassing music, your legs are burning, your heart and mind is racing. You keep climbing, one push after another, until you reach the top—and look at you now, elated.

You had a great time and did more good for your body, mind, and soul than you realize. You’ve arrived, and you’ve found what you were looking for.

Cycle Combo Classes

Cycle Sculpt

This class blends 30 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes of conditioning using weights, bands or medicine balls.  Each class is different and the class flies by! 

Cycle Mixx

Cycle MIXX will be a fusion mix of Cycle, Strength, Conditioning and Flexibility. Push your limits with HIIT drills, speed drills, resistance, and strength circuits.  This 45 minute class will keep you moving on and off the bike.  Weights and Resistance bands may be incorporated throughout class. 

Cycle and Yoga Fusion

This is a fusion class where we will start out on the bikes with 25-30 minute of Rhythm Ride and end on the floor with a blend of Yoga fusion (light weights/bands).  It’s a great combo class of cardio, strength and flexibility.

Rhythm Ride

Ride to the beat of the music where cycling meets the party on the bike!
Upper body choreographed movements are incorporated into this FUN,
uplifting and incredible workout! Get ready to sweat and feel like you are
in a nightclub with the loud music and lights. Time is spent in and out of
the saddle during this ride. All levels welcome with various options and
upper body movements are always optional.

Cycle Endurance

This is a stamina focus style Cycle class where we sustain resistance to feel the burn and add speed drills to push your limits! Let’s go! Let’s Ride!

Cycle classes are for everyone! 

Our cycles are top-rated and built for the beginner or Lance Armstrong. These bikes are designed with 25 levels of resistance to get you moving, find your sweet spot and to push you past your limits.

Motivating Cycling Coaches

You will find you can let go of everything when riding a bike, inhaling, pushing, sweating—in that blur between body and brain. Your LOCOFIT Studio teacher will encourage and motivate you to accomplish your best.

To discover yourself, you must first lose yourself. The path is entirely up to you.

Your new Cycling Community

You transition from being alone to being encircled the instant you walk into a LOCOFIT Studio Cycling class. Use the energy of the room to your advantage. You have a right to your own place. Your community is there for you on the brightest days and the darkest nights.

Cycling Classes Near Me In Andover

Are you searching for Cycling Classes near me?

LOCOFIT Studio offer engaging and empowering Cycling Classes classes in Andover.

The expert and experienced Cycling teachers set their own tone and pace for the class, bringing out the best YOU.

So, if you’re looking to take your cycling game up a notch and want to join an inspiring community, embrace Cycling Classes with LOCOFIT Studio!

Say no more, I'm ready to try cycling classes.

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