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Yoga For Kids classes at our studio

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Yoga – A Need For All

36 million Americans practice yoga today. Out of these, 1.7 million are children. 

Yoga has been a staple for fitness enthusiasts for decades, but given the array of benefits it offers, it’s about time it is introduced to children.

Set your kids up for success early on in their life.

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Yoga For Kids: A Simple Child’s Play

As our children continue to pave their way through the technicalities of studies, they need to let loose, explore, dream, and discover.

Yoga helps them do all that and much more.

Teach the art of mindfulness to your kids and lead them on a path of self-discovery through LOCOFIT Studio’s Yoga for Kids. 

Yoga & Kids: Match Made In Heaven

Children grow up quickly. One moment a little angel and the next – a problem child throwing tantrums. 

Through yoga for kids, your children will pair with other kids of their age to indulge in different, playful, physical activities that provide them a channel to let go of the negative energy and embrace peace.

Isn’t that just what you want?

Your Child Needs Yoga 

Has your child been:

  • Acting out
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Appearing distracted
  • Wetting the bed
  • Displaying aggressive behavior

Our innovative yoga for kids program helps your child escape such problems to embrace themselves and others around them with utmost ease, transforming them for good.

Family Yoga Near Me: Strengthening Familial Bonds 

Yoga means “Union”, and therefore the idea of family yoga near me presents an opportunity to bond with your children in unique ways, breathing life into your relationship.

If your child is distant from you, a session of fun activities, child-friendly asanas, and entertaining mantras will reaffirm your bond, making it stronger than ever. 

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The LOCOFIT Studio Yoga Program For Children 

Children need fun, attention, and a lot of friendly faces. We offer them all that and much more.

The yoga instructors at LOCOFIT Studio immediately become friends with the children in the program, motivating them to adopt each asana with finesse and fun. 

Some of our many yoga postures for kids include:

Tree Pose Cow Pose Mountain Pose 
Downward Dog Butterfly Corkscrew 
Happy Baby Cat StretchWarrior 
Bulldog Locust Cobra

With playful names, each pose invokes your child’s strength and builds upon their flexibility to make them friendly, confident, and resilient. 

Why Choose Yoga For Kids Andover?

Apart from giving your children a much-needed breather, yoga for kids Andover has much to offer for your child’s growth.

Breathing ControlEnhanced FlexibilityBetter Coordination
RelaxationIncreased StrengthRising Self Esteem

By opting for kids yoga classes near me, help your child gain awareness of their body, mind, and soul.

Baby Steps To A Life Well Lived

Children require holistic education to develop into responsible members of society.

Apart from the usual school routine, allow them to attend kids yoga near me @ LOCOFIT Studio and watch them grow into individuals who are aware of their inner-most selves and eager to make a positive difference.

Watch their transition into focused, confident, and empathetic individuals with enhanced physical and mental strength.

Are you ready to send your little ones to kids’ yoga classes near me?

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