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About LOCOFIT Studio

At LOCOFIT…. We are addicted to having a FUN, SAFE, EFFECTIVE atmosphere where you will find JOY to come to LET-GO and get LOCO. Ride as a team to the BEAT, where MOTIVATION and DRIVE will push you further during your journey.  We INSPIRE you to be part of our LOCOFIT community where we STRIVE to be the BEST at every corner and welcome ALL.  

We are a unique studio that offers a variety of low-impact, high-intensity cardio cycle classes and balances out with strength training, circuit training, stretch and yoga. 

We welcome all no matter where you are starting from. Whether you are an inspiring athlete, trained cyclists, conditioned yogi or brand new to exercise, all are welcome. We want to bring joy in people’s lives one workout at a time. Where it’s more than a gym or studio but a second home.  Where we create a tribe of members where they hold each other accountable and look forward to coming day after day.  Have LOCOFIT be their go to place to come and de-stress, unwind, and let go from the daily grind where they can focus on their own health for that hour. 

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